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Recycle Outdoor Gear (ROG)

The first European reuse exchange for used outdoor gear
A new free service for the UK Outdoor Industry. Dedicated to helping find a solution to the endless amounts of used but serviceable outdoor gear taking up space in cupboards, lofts & garages.

Recycle Outdoor Gear (ROG) - Swap, sell, buy or donate your used outdoor gear for free.
Recycle Outdoor Gear (ROG) is a free of charge, internet based service, dedicated to helping swap, sell, buy or donate unwanted but serviceable used outdoor gear, so long as it is not a weapon of any description and doesn’t have an engine. Even the big stuff like canoes, skies, snowboards, tents etc. all are welcome.
ROG also encourages free wanted ads. So if you are looking for a particular long forgotten item or perhaps would be able to make good use of a particular waterproof, fleece, canoe, snowboard, skis, boots put your own free wanted listing on the service. If you are looking for gear to be used by a school, youth group or similar groups encouraging people into the great outdoors please make sure you put that in your listing or ad. because we all like to help if we can.
Recycle Outdoor Gear (ROG) is also working hard to increase awareness and understanding of recycling and reuse outdoor gear initiatives by charities. Donating unwanted outdoor gear to a particular charity initiative is an excellent way to ensure its second life potential.
“I hope to develop ROG into a one stop service for all activities relevant to recycling and the reuse of outdoor gear. To do this we need information on anything that is happening in your local area that may be of interest to ROG users. Could be a charity or a local organisation that is recycling or reusing outdoor gear. We also need everybody to drag out from loft's garages and all the places that we all have unused outdoor gear and get it on ROG its easy and it free.” said Sarah Howcroft founder of ROG
The ROG blog is a great place to highlight what’s happening on ROG. The place to write about all the outdoor gear recycling and reuse stories. What we recycled, how we did it, what we are reusing or donating. Companies and organisations can submit a blog post, photo's and videos etc.
“As we say on ROG recycle outdoor gear because now you can” Sarah Howcroft